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Our Virtual RN's are ready when you need them.

Unlike our competitors, our virtual assistants aren’t just call center agents that are trained to perform scribing – we set ourselves apart by only hiring registered nurses.

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Our transparent pricing ensures that you only pay for what you need

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Get help when you need it most with our flexible scheduling options

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We only work with experienced VRNs who are trained in HIPAA compliance

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Your Virtual RN can be trained in any EMR/EHR software

Develop Your Team

Our Virtual RNs become an extension of your team – train them as you would any other employee. They can support your support team or simply be a back-up to your front appointment desk. Why not use your team to assist you in completing your clinical notes? Perhaps you would like to start checking eligibility prior to each patient arriving at your office, or have them call patients to remind them of upcoming appointments.

The possibilities are endless – your team can do it all!

Cost per hour
2- 3 yrs
Avg experience for VRNs
Satisfaction Rate

HIPAA Compliant

All Virtual RNs are trained and certified as HIPAA Compliant. No data is stored locally on the VRNs device and all correspondence is through a HIPAA Compliant video conference software or live chat

Easy to Scale

Your team can grow as you need them – start with a 20 hour weekly time block and expand from there

Easy to Scale

Your team can grow as you need them – start with a 20 hour weekly time block and expand from there

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We believe in building relationships - it all starts with a conversation

Let’s get started by having a conversation about your practice’s unique needs. It starts with a conversation to assure we are aligning the service to your specific needs and methods. Once we fully understand your practice and expectations, it’s our job as an organization to deliver consistent process and results.

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