Struggling to keep up with taking notes
while seeing patients?

Focus better and have more time with your patients, stay organized,

& enjoy a world free from the burden of paperwork with us.

Your practice's efficiency is essential to your growth. If you partner with us, we can help you create the best workflow that will result in more bookings and a better work-life balance for you.

What to expect

Foundational Training

Our Virtual Medical Scribe is highly trained in general/specialty medical terminology and medical scribing, as we only hire Registered Nurses after all.


You have the ability to pick and choose who you want to work with from our talent pool of talented Virtual Medical Scribe. For us, consistency and specific workflow are key to a successful practice, so you have a choice.

HIPAA Training

All of our Virtual Medical Scribes are certified HIPAA trained. We run a thorough NBI background check and make sure that they have a clean record. You will have access to these professional documents such as HIPAA training certificate and other credentials. 

Security & Time Tracking

During our vetting process, our Virtual Medical Scribes are required to undergo and pass computer security/technical audits. We track and monitor all of our Virtual Medical Scribes using online time tracking software. It tracks mouse and keyboard movement and activities. You will have access to log in and see their activities as well.


Having a Virtual Medical Scribe is a Cost-Effective Solution

They don’t come with any overhead costs attached to them compared to in-person scribes who require space, equipment, and amenities.

A Virtual Medical Scribe is a Time Saver

Providing further benefit as the workload is lessened on your in-house staff; allowing your staff to be freed up to concentrate on income generation in the form of ancillary testing and procedures. This, in turn, can lead to increased wages and bonuses for your staff which can boost morale and maximize the level of customer service being delivered.

Gives Better Patient-Doctor Relationships

A virtual medical scribe nullifies the anxiety of some patients as patients may find them less intrusive and they help to maintain that age-old feeling of privacy in the doctor’s office.

We can customize our services to meet your needs.
Our goal is to help improve your customer experience and increase your new revenue-generating opportunities.

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