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In order to give you more information about Virtual RNS and its offerings, we have put together some frequently asked questions.

Virtual RNs can do anything from Support, Scheduling, or even Scribing! Our Virtual Assistants and Virtual Practice Assistants work with all types of medical specialties and EMRs. From private practice solo practitioners to larger medical groups we can assist no matter the size, or volume requirements. Our team of virtual associates and virtual registered professional nurses are highly trained and can adapt to your specific workflows.

Our VRNs can help with live charting, transcription, back-office tasks, phone calls, and more. Anything you can do on a computer, you can likely have one of our VRNs do the job. They can do referrals, refill requests, faxing, phone calls, insurance verifications, prior authorizations, eligibility, and much more.

Virtual RNs offers straightforward pricing starting at just $10/hour for a Full-Time Associate focused on front-desk virtual duties (taking and making calls on behalf of your practice as well as virtual eligibility and authorization services). A clinically trained Virtual Registered Nurse will cost just $12/hour. This level of associate can perform all duties a general associate can do in addition to scribing, providing lab results, reading clinical records, and more.  All of our Virtual RN Associates have been thoroughly trained in HIPAA policies as well as in general support techniques. Using Virtual RNs saves your office time, money, and frustration. Contact us today to know more.

As with any practice, it is a physician’s responsibility to ensure HIPAA-compliant procedures are in place when working with contractors/employees. All of our virtual associates and virtual registered nurses hold certificates in HIPAA training and are bound by the Data Privacy Act of 2012 in the Philippines. We also require that each of our virtual associates obtain an NBI clearance, the Philippine equivalent to an FBI background check. Our clients have the individual associates sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with them. Our corporation does not have access to any client’s PHI, therefore no need for us to sign a BAA. There are two ways to grant your virtual assistant access to your EMR, direct username + password or limited access to the system. Alternatively, you can have a computer in your office with your EMR along with remote desktop software that your virtual assistant will have access to. Should an intentional breach of protected health information occur overseas, you are protected by the Philippines Data Privacy Act of 2012. This act holds Philippine citizens accountable for their actions and provides coverage to those affected within the United States.

There are various ways to work with our virtual associates and registered nurses. Dependent upon the tasks you assign will likely depend on the solutions you’ll need to ensure you Virtual RN Associate is familiar with.

We recommend the following software for their efficiency and security. However, our VRNs can undoubtedly use whatever software you are currently using in your office:

The Philippine government has recently passed legislation that prosecutes individuals who compromise sensitive information, such as PHI. The Data Privacy Act of 2012 is similar to HIPAA here in the United States. Philippine citizens can be held accountable for their actions, even if they are working with an entity outside of the country. All of our VRNs are based in the Philippines, where the government is keen to foster relationships abroad. The Philippines has enacted the Data Privacy Act of 2012, just like HIPAA here in the US. This act ensures that their law protects all sensitive data, and the ramifications of breaching these are severe. All of our VRNs available have been individually vetted, background checked, and hold HIPAA certificates of training to further underline their understanding of data security. If they are a registered nurse or have other professional licenses, we have copies of these and photo ID, address, etc. We also recommend that you have the virtual registered nurse sign a Business Associate Agreement just as you would any other contractor that may have access to PHI (protected health information). You would treat them like any other user of your system with regular HIPAA security audit protocols.

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Virtual Admin Support

Your back-office tasks are covered. Our Registered Nurses can handle referrals, authorizations, prescription refills, medical records management, medical billing, insurance verifications, eligibility, and more!


All Virtual RNs are trained and certified as HIPAA Compliant. No data is stored locally on the VRNs devices and all correspondence is through a HIPAA Compliant video conference software or live chat.

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