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Struggling to keep up with documentation in your EMR while seeing patients?

A medical scribe can help. Medical scribes are essential in the healthcare system they work with medical providers to accurately and efficiently document patients' electronic health records. They act as a personal assistant to the physician and they work with the physician to deliver the pinnacle of efficient patient care. They ensure that the medical record is complete and accurate, saving time for providers and ensuring comprehensive care for patients. Medical scribing also reduces documentation errors and duplications which can lead to improved patient outcomes.

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What To Expect For a Medical Scribing Job

Your practice's efficiency is essential to your growth. If you have a consultation and choose to partner with us, we can help you create the best workflow that will result in higher patient satisfaction and a better work-life balance and decision making for you.

Virtual Medical Scribes Jobs

Foundational Training

Our medical scribe specialists and personal assistants are highly trained in the medical field of general/specialty medical terminology, medical scribing, and HIPAA Compliance. We only hire Registered Nurses (graduating with a BSN degree from a top-tier medical school or a university) with a minimum of 2 years of clinical experience and medical scribe training certification. All of our Virtual RNs complete our intensive in-depth training program ensuring they meet or exceed all of our client’s healthcare requirements.


You have the ability to pick and choose who you want to work with from our pool of talented Virtual Medical Scribes. For us, consistency and specific workflows are key to a successful efficient practice, so you’ll select the Virtual RNs you want to work with and once you select them, you’ll work with the same Virtual RNs each, every day.

Virtual Medical Scribe Jobs
Virtual Medical Scribe Job

HIPAA Training

All of our Virtual Medical Scribing Specialists are certified HIPAA trained and have good computer skills. We run a thorough NBI background check and make sure that they have a clean record in the Philippines. We provide our clients access to their Virtual RN’s HIPAA training certificate and ensure a Business Associate Agreement  are signed between you and your new Virtual RN!

Security & Time Tracking

During our opening vetting process, our Virtual Medical Scribing Specialists are required to undergo and pass electronic medical security/technical audits. We track and monitor all of our Virtual Medical Scribes using online time-tracking software. It tracks mouse and keyboard movement and activities. We utilize this solution to ensure our Virtual RNs and Medical Scribes are productive, not idle, and are clocking in and out on time per your direction. Reports are always available upon our client’s request.

Medical Scribes Job


We can customize our services to meet your needs. Our goal is to help improve your patient satisfaction and physician productivity outcomes while increasing the net income of your practice. We highly recommend using our services so that we can take you to the pinnacle of efficient patient care. All of our Virtual Medical Scribing Specialists are willing to learn and grow with your practice to provide the best care possible. Contact us today!

Having Virtual Medical Scribing is a Cost-Effective Solution

They don’t come with any overhead costs attached to them compared to in-person scribes who require clinic space, equipment, and benefits, like health insurance, for patient care. We charge a flat rate of $12 per hour. The schedule for medical scribing work depends on you in real-time.

Virtual Medical Scribing is a Time Saver

Providing further benefit as the workload is lessened on your in-house staff; allowing your staff to be freed up of some clerical administrative tasks, data entry, and dictation to concentrate on patient outcomes, satisfaction, and productivity. This, in turn, can lead to the opportunity to book additional appointments leading to higher revenue for the practice, higher bonus potential for your employees, and overall better culture for your practice.

Gives Better Doctor-Patient Relationships

A remote medical scribing assistant nullifies the anxiety of some patients as a number of patients may find in-office scribes more intrusive. In addition, the virtual medical transcriptionist provides gathering information for the physicians or provider and test results in an opportunity to have better eye contact and good patient interaction. No patient enjoys watching the provider typing notes into their chart on an Electronic medical record.

What We Offer

Virtual RNS is the leader in providing licensed registered professional nurses virtually. Improve your workflow, save money, and spend more time with your patients.

Virtual RNS can help you manage your practice’s day-to-day activities better with our highly effective personalized Virtual Medical Scheduling Services.

Virtual RNS can help you create the best workflow that will result in higher patient satisfaction and a better work-life balance for you.

These services are also available. Our team is able to provide streamlined services from a remote location, ensuring that your medical needs and remote patient monitoring are taken care of without any disruption to your daily routine. Hire a virtual medical professional now!

Our team is able to provide you with up-to-date information on the latest treatments and services so you can make well-informed decisions about your health. We also provide advice on how to maintain good physical and mental health, and patient care, and enable you to stay healthy and active.

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