Increase your care, not your costs.

Professional Registered Nurses For Less

Our nurses are from all over the world which means you get the great staff you need, for less. Plus, a large percentage of our proceeds go to helping the local communities where our nurses live.

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How it Works

VirtualRNS is the leader in providing professional licensed registered nurses virtually. Improve your workflow, save money, and spend more time with your patients.

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VirtualRNS will review your existing staff and workflow and find areas of improvement that VirtualRN could help!

Try Out Our Team

After consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to take VirtualRNS for a test drive. We’ll discover what works best and cater solutions to your areas of improvement.

Go Live

After the trial, we’ll scale and go live. Our RNs work exclusively for you.

Manage & Scale

Need more nurses? No problem. We have you covered. Our nurses are from all over the world which means you get the staff you need at a lower cost.

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All of the nursing staff is professionally licensed and exclusive to you. Our staff isn’t spread between various medical providers and is instead dedicated to individual clients. This means you get a professionally trained, registered nurse ready to help you when you need it.

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Virtual Admin Support

Your back-office tasks are covered. Our Registered Nurses can handle referrals, authorizations, prescription refills, medical records management, medical billing, insurance verifications, eligibility, and more!


All Virtual RNs are trained and certified as HIPAA Compliant. No data is stored locally on the VRNs devices and all correspondence is through a HIPAA Compliant video conference software or live chat.


Meet the Founder

Adam Nager founded VirtualRNS in 2020 with the hopes of reducing the administrative burden medical professionals with their EMR and back-office struggles. The number one reason for physicians consider selling their practice is because of the overwhelming burden of managing the business side of healthcare.

Adam’s mission is to provide solutions and services that allow privately owned medical practice to focus more on their time with patients and less on the paperwork and administrative burdens that can overwhelm a practice.

The solution is VirtualRNS. A comprehensive solution to give physicians more time to do what they love most – helping people. VirtualRN was created to give practitioners more freedom in their practice and business without sacrificing their quality of care.


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