Get to Know the Virtual Filipino Practice Assistant (VFPA)

Virtual Nurse - Get to know the Virtual Filipino Practice Assistant
According to TimeDoctor on December 31, 2021, the Philippines is consistently placed as one of the Top Countries for Outsourcing Destinations. It held the title of ‘BPO Capital of the World’ for over a decade and several companies like Microsoft, IBM, and Wells Fargo outsource to the Philippines.


And for a medical practice like yours whether you are at a start-up phase of your practice or established already – outsourced employees from the Philippines can help you save costs, hire from a skilled talent pool, manage tasks efficiently, and much more. But given a vast pool of Filipino Virtual Talents, finding the right one for you and your practice is rather a difficult task.


In this article, we will help you understand more about what you can expect from your Virtual Filipino Practice Assistant. In an earlier blog, we discussed the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant and it’s true that no matter where you search or read it from, you will always get the same positive reviews and recommendations. But what is there to expect from them?

We Find Highly Qualified Candidates

As a company, VirtualRNs observes high standards in setting qualifications for our VFPAs.  They must be able to provide proof of completion for college or university education. Whenever a specialty like nursing is required by the client, a Specialty Certificate is also provided.

Filipino for their Nationality

All our VFPAs are Filipino citizens and currently residing in the Philippines. It is not just a handful but thousands of Filipinos, currently working or not are looking into careers that will enable them to provide for their families while working within the confines of their homes.

Government Verified Identities

NBI Clearance that is normally requested for Filipinos working abroad and any valid government-issued ID like a driver’s license, passport, or professional license is required from all our VFPAs right from the beginning of the application process.

You Set the Work Timings

All our VFPAs are time flexible and ready to take up Clients at any time zone or business days that their practice observes. (To know more about our work day & timing policies, please speak to one of our Business Development Specialists)

Equipped to Work Virtually

Each of our VFPAs owns his/her equipment that passed our own systems check and requirements. (See our Minimum & Recommended System Requirements)

HIPAA Compliant

As part of our onboarding procedures, all our VFPAs are HIPAA trained and certified. As part of our onboarding process, they are required to undergo HIPAA, complete the course and earn a certificate. Along with this, they are also required to do the signing and completion of the HIPAA Business Associate Agreement.

Skill Sets Matched to your Needs

Before we begin the process of endorsing candidates that will fill the position you want to be outsourced, we set up a meeting to understand the specifics of your requirements and the workings of your practice. From there we move forward and find the person with a skill set matched for your practice.

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