Why Hire a Filipino Virtual Assistant?

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Businesses that operate online and offline know exactly the benefits they get when hiring virtual assistants. It is an efficient and convenient business solution that has proven to help attain business goals. A virtual assistant or VA can help a business owner “virtually” or online. Filipino virtual assistants or Filipino VAs have traits and skills that make them exceptional. Hence, the Philippines is one of the leading providers of virtual assistants in the outsourcing industry. Check out what virtual assistants from the Philippines have to offer below!


Nowadays, an efficient and convenient solution that has proven to help a medical practice regardless of it’s group or solo attain goals as a “business entity” is hiring Virtual Assistants. A Virtual Assistant can help medical practices “virtually” or online. The Philippines is one of the leading countries to provide Virtual Assistants coming from different fields of specialization. 

What Makes Filipino Virtual Assistants Stand Out in the Outsourcing Industry?

High Level of English Proficiency

In the Philippine Educational System, English is considered a more effective medium of instruction apart from Filipino/Tagalog (the national language). And it comes as no surprise that the EF English Proficiency Index ranked the Philippines number 18 globally (out of 112 countries) and number 2 in Asia (out of 24 countries).

High Literacy Rate

As a matter of priority for the Philippine government, education is among the first 5 sectors according to the National Economic Development Authority. According to UNESCO’s Literacy rate statistics (as of 2019), the country’s average literacy rate for 15-24 years old is 98.4%. Among 15 years and older, the average literacy rate is 96.3%. Then, for those 65 years and older, the average literacy rate is 90.5%. You can expect high educational attainment for Filipinos especially those who belong to the outsourcing industry.

Perfect Cultural Fit

The Philippines has become a cultural melting pot with the innate ability to conform to social nuances from different countries that root back from the country being colonized in the past by the Dutch, Spain, United States and Japan. Filipino VA’s will be an immediate contributor to the success of your practice because of their ability to speak and write English at an appreciable level, a creditable rate of technical and fundamental competency and cultural trait of being able to work with people from different denominations.

Here are some of the Traits of Filipino Workers (regardless of the industry where they practice a profession):


Different cultures all over the world have varying levels of stringent expectation versus laxness when it comes to punctuality but Filipino VA’s are as punctual as they can be when it comes to working schedule. You can expect them to clock in on time, be mindful of daily attendance and be present in meetings.


They are sure to get the job done as the most basic component of their role and will always find ways to do more and to be more. How do they do it? They plan for the future, are engaged in their tasks, show foresight and are doers.

Excellent Communicators

Due to the high level of English Proficiency of Filipino VA’s, effective communication skills – speaking, writing and reading are expected. Their ability to communicate well with the stakeholders of your practice is an asset that is highly considered. Also, this includes the ability to navigate through various mediums of communication like text messaging platforms, phone calls, emails and at times project management software.

Organized and Able Multitaskers

Filipino VA’s consider proper time and project management as an integral part of an organized worker. They make use of time blocking, make a list of priorities and stick to agreed-upon work hours. They find ways to organize work according to the needs of your practice. Working multiple tasks/projects at a time without sacrificing the quality of output delivered.

Works well Under Pressure

Things may get chaotic at times but the Filipino VA understands that instances may occur when there’s a short turn-around time or a higher workload than normal. That even if sometimes there is a presence of chaos within the practice, patients/clients should not see what’s happening behind the scenes. This also includes the ability to refrain from passing negativity or stress to them even if it is unintentional.

Great with Follow Up

Filipino VA’s stay on top of all their tasks, even when sometimes you do not. Things may fall through the cracks at times within the practice, but a VA should possess the know-how to reach out and follow up – rather than just sitting on that task forever. It is something our VA’s are good at.

Filipinos are also known for their personal traits as:

  • Trustworthy and Honest
  • Respectful
  • Composed & Steadfast
  • Enthusiastic
  • Self-motivated
  • Good Listeners; and
  • Doesn’t mix business with pleasure

A virtual assistant that is truly skilled at their job will ultimately help your practice and business grow. Whether it’s because they freed up your time to pursue new opportunities, simplify procedures or their outstanding work resulted in an upsell or client referral, VA’s can contribute to your profitability when they possess the right skill sets and corresponds to the needs of your practice.


Hiring a virtual assistant can be a daunting task. After all, you want to find a highly qualified candidate that you can partner up with. That’s why Virtual RNs PH is here for you. Whether your needs are Virtual Assistants specializing in medical scribe, medical billing and coding, patient advocate, finance, sales, web developer, data entry, schedulers and more. We make the hiring process a much easier one.


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